We are delighted to announce the winners of the National Tribute Awards 2013. Awards will be presented to the winners who will be joining our celebrity guests and performing their favourite numbers on stage at our Live Event which takes place from Wednesday 30th October to Saturday 2nd November 2013.

The Bootleg Beatles

The Counterfeit Stones

Awarded a Special Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded a Special Lifetime Achievement Award


Hats Off to Led Zeppelin

ELO Experience

Talon Eagles

And Finally Phil Collins

Take That - Live

Queen by Mercury

Peat Loaf - Pete Rossi

Abba Revival

UB40 by Rats in the Kitchen

Forever Jackson

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Tina Turner by Justine Riddoch

Cliff Richard by Jimmy Jemain

Dusty by Maxine Mazumder

Roy Orbison by Barry Steel

Drifters by Richie Sampson's Review

Ultimate Elton John

The Ratpack is Back

The All New Chicago Blues Brothers

Tom Jones by David Kidd

Amy Winehouse by Laura Jane Butler

Lady Gaga by Donna Marie

James Brown by Buzz D'Angelo

Ray Charles by Buzz D'Angelo

Michael Buble by Rickie Arthur

Madonna by Jodie Jackson

Kylie Minogue by Cheryl Hadley

Adele by Olivia Leigh

Jesse J by Donna Ramsdale

Pavarotti by Carl Taylor

Barba Streisand by Tina Law

Vera Lynn by Lorrie Brown

Katy Perry by Danielle Grace Williams

Ronan Keating by Paul Sutton

George Michael by Andrew Browning

Mick Hucknall by Darren Alboni

Olly Murs by Tristan Drew

Elvis Presley by Mark Summers

David Bowie by Paul Anthony

Rod Stewart by Brian Hetherington Tagg

Bruno Mars by Adam Austin

Robbie Williams by Paul Reason

Katherine Jenkins by Tamsin Killen

Dolly Parton by Kelly O'Brien

Kenny Rogers by Peter White

Whitney Houston by NYA


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